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Driven by a desire to feed horses efficiently and cost-effectively, Sue's passion for nutrition drives Phoenix Feeds to deliver products and advice to everyone, from the dedicated pony clubber, 3 star eventer to the million-dollar racing breeder alike. 
More than just a feed manufacturer, Phoenix Feeds is a small business that takes the time to focus on the details.  With the support of 3 equine nutritionalists, our feeds are formulated and prepared in manufactured in an equine-only food mill.

Our feeds cover all types of horse keeping, we provide products and advice on equine nutrition while keeping prices low.


As the name suggests, HI-Fi is a fibre rich meal, rich in proteins and digestible fats. Due to the fibre content in this feed, it may be used as a complete feed replacing chaff entirely or you can drastically reduce the chaff you're providing per feed.
Hi-Fi is a great way to increase digestible energy when fed in conjunction with our other feeds, without causing 'heat' in the horse. 
This product does not contain added vitamins and minerals, so makes it safe to feed to a variety of animals.


A fibre rich meal, blended to provide essential amino acids to Equine prone to founder and Laminitis.
Safe and Sound is also a great source of protein, including a full range of complex vitamins and minerals with the added benefits of YEASAC and a prebiotic.
The inclusion of Acti-meal to the blend has the added benefit of one of nature’s best Anti-oxidant. This product contains NO added sugars and NO GRAINS.
An excellent feed for horses with a large body mass, such as Andalusians, Quarterhorses and ponies, that don't need extra fats or sugars in their diet, while still providing the energy to perform.


Mane Tane is blended to provide essential nutrients to horses at rest due to injury or those who maintain well on minimum feed. Ideal for pony club, adult riding, trail riding horses and low-energy pleasure horses.
​Mane Tane is a balanced source of fibre, fats and protein for the horse in low activity, as well as providing a full range of complex vitamins and minerals with the added benefits of YEASAC and a prebiotic.


A flavoursome meal formulated to enhance both body condition and coat colour and shine. This unique blend is both suitable for the show and competition horse that require energy to perform without the 'heat.' Sumo is suitable for pony club, adult riders as well as those show and performance horses that may want that extra 'bloom'. 
This feed is a great source of fibre, fats and protein including a full range of complex vitamins and minerals with the added benefits of YEASAC and a prebiotic.


A unique blend of proteins starches fats and fibre which provide an optimal level of amino acids essential to growth and development. This feed is ideally suited to breeding and lactating mares working stallions and young growing stock.
Equine Extra has proven to be beneficial in improving the condition of our senior equines as well. Providing an easily digested protein source that is readily available to the system via its highly palatable crushed meal. Our vitamin and mineral supplement contains the added benefits of YEASAC and a prebiotic.


A top quality chaff specifically formulated for horses, mixing the best quality chaff with concentrate is the best way to feed your horse a high fibre diet.  Chaff should be fed at a minimum of 1% and up to 2.5% of body weight daily. Feeding rates will differ according to body weight, condition, metabolism, work intensity and amount of concentrated feed and other roughage fed daily.


When only the very best quality will do, choose EC Equi-chaff Wheaton, Oaten, Combo or Lucerne for your horse.

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Oaten Chaff

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Combo Chaff

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Lucerne Chaff

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