Kohnke's Own Cell-Osteo, Innovative formulation to help ensure strong bones and joints. Suitable for all horses in training – especially those on high grain and minimal lucerne based diets where calcium and magnesium is low or inadequate to meet daily needs.
Contains soluble and acidified calcium for optimum uptake and utilisation – it’s not how much calcium each dose contains – it’s the form of calcium provided that is important! Balanced calcium : phosphorus ratio – 2.7:1.0 in microfined limestone and dicalcium phosphate to help ensure optimum uptake to correct imbalances in all diets, plus magnesium and Vitamin A and D Ideal for young race horses on high grain rations to provide bone minerals to correct low dietary intake as bones thicken and adapt to training No dust, no sift-out, doesn’t blow out of paddock feeders or sludge in molasses. Mixes through grain rations-ideal for ‘picky eaters’

Kohnke's Own Cell-Osteo